You can maintain the quality and extend the life of your ECO Snorkeler equipment by taking a few minutes before and after each use.

Before: Visually inspect all parts of each article for any damage, in particular the straps on the mask and fins. Also visually inspect the clear areas around the mask and the clip and mouth piece of your snorkel.  Make sure that the glass in the mask is clean and apply anti fog solution if necessary and rinse before using it. If your equipment appears in good condition wet it with water before you put it on. Water will act as a lubricant and it will result in easier donning of your snorkeling equipment.  Never overstretch the straps on the fins or mask and do not over tighten the straps. Do not bite down excessively hard on the mouth piece of your snorkel. A comfortable pressure will result in the most enjoyable use. With practice and use you will become comfortable with the adjustment and care procedure and enjoy snorkeling for a very long time.

After: Thoroughly soak in fresh water. Rinse with fresh water, dry completely, and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extremely hot or cold storage places such as garages, attics, boat lockers or car trunks for extended periods.

Many liquids contain chemicals that may cause damage to your snorkeling products. Avoid having your snorkeling gear come in contact with sunscreen products, aerosols, lotions, creams, alcohol, or gasoline.