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Ideal for the person that has always wanted to peak under the water, yet wants to keep it as simple as possible. The integrated mask and dry snorkel keeps the entire face dry, helping to ensure that snorkeling on the surface is as easy as possible.

Reef GLider

Simply place the Reef Glider on your face, adjust the straps once and you are ready to glide over the reef and take in the beauty. Breathing is simple through the mouth and nose via the built-in, sealed nasal mask, which helps to keep mask fogging minimal, if not entirely non-existent.
Reef Glider Emerald Clear

Reef Glider Key Features:

  • Comfortable full dry face fit
  • No snorkel mouthpiece required
  • Breathe naturally via mouth and nose
  • Dry top snorkel
  • Durable polycarbonate construction
  • Exhalation breath works to keep lens free of fogging
  • Panoramic flat wide view lens to avoid distortion
  • Removable snorkel tube for ease of travel / storage
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone mask skirt face seal
  • Wide sealing area for dryness
  • Easy adjust broad elasticized mask strap for better fit and increased dryness

To clean, simply rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry with a soft, non-abrasive towel.

NOTE: Polycarbonate lenses, like those found on many swim goggles, and the Reef Glider, will scratch easier than tempered lenses found in traditional dive masks. Take care when cleaning and drying your Reef Glider.

Store your Reef Glider in a cool space away from direct sunlight. DO NOT place any pressure on the sealing surface during prolonged storage periods.

Warranty – 1 Year against manufacturing defects.
Proof of purchase is required.


  • DO NOT permit contact with solvent, detergents or any abrasive products.
  • DO NOT apply any type of anti-fogging solution.
  • DO NOT alter the design of the product.
  • DO NOT expose to high temperatures (140*F /60*C).
  • DO NOT DIVE HEADFIRST—Severe injury or fatality may result.
  • DO NOT RUN OR WALK IN FINS—Severe injury or fatality may result.
  • DO NOT walk or stand on the tips of your fins—doing so may cause bodily injury and will damage the fins.

Reef Glider Kit and Parts V18

Reef Glider Action Camera Mount

Reef Glider Fitting:

To size properly, measure the length of your face from chin to eye level. For a length between 4 and 4.8 inches (10-12cm), choose a Small/Medium Reef Glider mask. For a length greater than 4.8 inches (12cm), choose a Large/X-Large Reef Glider Mask.  Click here for the features list and sizing diagram.

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