National Geographic Snorkeler Products

The National Geographic Snorkeler product lines produced by FAIC are specifically designed to meet the needs of those embarking on water-based expeditions. The variety of products available within these lines will suit users of all skill levels. The National Geographic Snorkeler line is available in three series:

  • Explorer Series, EZKIK SetNational Geographic Explorer Series – This line features the highest-quality equipment, intended for use at extended range and depth by serious, experienced snorkelers. The Explorer Series is dive industry–appropriate.
  • National Geographic Expedition Series – This mid-level line blends features of products in the Explorer Series and Experience Series to give you great functionality at a great value.
  • National Geographic Experience Series – This line offers the most economical equipment for beginning snorkelers. These products maintain high-quality fit and performance.

The full line of National Geographic Snorkeler products is available as…

  • Sets consisting of Mask, Fins & Snorkel
  • Combos consisting of Mask & Snorkel
  • Individual Items: Masks, fins, and snorkels are individually packaged, allowing you greater flexibility to create the set that will best fit your personal needs.

The National Geographic Snorkeler Swim Line — Our swim line offers a wide array of high-quality products, including triathlete swim masks, goggles, swim caps, swim gloves, pool fins, and more. The quality, fit, and function of these items equals or betters the performance of other top-name swim products.

National Geographic KIDS Snorkeler & SWIM Series – Our kid-size products are specially selected to help provide children with a comfortable experience in the water, so these young snorkelers and swimmers can focus on creating great memories. Positive experiences in the water will allow children to appreciate and respect the aquatic world.

About Florida Atlantic International Corp

Founded by a Team of experienced water sports veterans, FAIC takes pride in bringing an unequaled value to performance ratio to water sports enthusiasts regardless of their level of expertise. Designed to fit and function beyond the users expectations while delivering memories meant to last a lifetime. FAIC produces; “Exceptional Gear for the Water Enthusiast”™
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