About: Skin Diving Techniques


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This chapter includes the techniques you will use if you plan to dive below the surface while holding your breath. If you only intend to remain on the surface and never want to swim down for a closer look at things on the bottom, then you don’t need to read this chapter. However, if you plan to hold your breath and dive any distance below the surface, this chapter is essential reading.

As a skin diver swimming underwater, you must never wear earplugs while breath-hold diving. The problem with earplugs is that as the pressure increases as you dive deeper, the earplugs can actually rupture your eardrum and be forced into your ears. This will cause you to suffer from dizziness (vertigo) as water enters the middle ear and could result in drowning and death. At the very least, if your eardrum ruptures you may end up with an infection and you will probably suffer some hearing loss after the eardrum heals.


To prevent any damage caused by earplugs while diving, simply be sure to never wear earplugs while swimming underwater.

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