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Snorkeling and skin diving are adventures that take place in the outdoor environment, usually in the ocean or in a lake. Because these environments cannot be controlled, and because people make mistakes, accidents can and do occur. However, the number of snorkeling and skin diving accidents that happen each year is relatively small.

Almost all diving problems and accidents are avoidable when good judgment and safe diving practices are followed. In most instances, the key is prevention, by recognizing problems before they occur or as they develop.


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Fish watching is one of the most fascinating aspects of snorkeling. It will be a part of every day you spend in the water, even if you are more interested in other activities like shipwreck exploration. There will almost always be fish around you while you are snorkeling, and in most cases, their antics are just too interesting to ignore.

While certain species of fish will allow you to approach them quite closely, to many fish you will appear as a large, imposing creature that should be avoided. If you want to get close to marine life, you must learn to move as quietly through the water as possible.

The more you know about marine creatures and their habits, the easier you will find it to get close to certain species. For example, if you want to see a halibut, a large flatfish that lives on sandy bottoms, you need to know enough not to bother spending too much time looking for them on rocky reefs. If you want to watch a trumpet fish in the Caribbean, you need to look for them hiding in sea whips. For best results work the reef side 30-60 minutes prior to sun exposure, since the trumpet fish will move to the shade as the sun over the reef changes position.

When identifying fish, it is important to look at their shape, size, and colors. There are waterproof fish identification cards that you can take in the water with you that are very helpful for this purpose. To learn about the habits and lives of fish, there are also many excellent field guides you can buy that provide more detailed information on the species you are most likely to see in a given environment.

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