About Snorkeling

This section has been made available by www.SnorkelingCourse.com  for your enjoyment and better understanding of the wonderful world of snorkeling. We hope it will give you insight to safely enjoy whatever waters you choose to explore. Gear up and go out and experience a whole new world, the water world! But before you embark on your next expedition make sure to take a friend along…water activities are always best and safest when shared.

Snorkeling is the least expensive way to participate in exploring the underwater world. It can be done with a minimum investment in equipment. You will enjoy snorkeling anywhere the water is clear enough and shallow enough for you to see the features of the site you want to view. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you must see the bottom to enjoy snorkeling. For example, in some parts of the world, people swim with whales in water that is hundreds of feet deep, where the bottom can’t be seen, but the water is clear enough to easily watch the whales.

Participating in snorkeling is a good way to see if you are interested in going further and participating in skin or scuba diving. You may decide that you’re only interested in snorkeling, or you may find that snorkeling opens a “deeper” interest in exploring underwater.

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