28 TORPEDO FLOAT The Torpedo Float is a must-have for added safety so you can let others know where you are. Whether swimming, snorkeling, or diving, anytime you are undertaking any water-based activity, you’ll want to have this safety device nearby. Ready to use out of the bag, it includes everything you need and is packed in a free mesh bag. The attachment points on the float are a great stabilizer, but care should be taken not to overweight the float. Test in shallow prior to deploying. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC STANDARD SNORKEL VEST The Snorkel Vest allows a snorkeler to comfortably rest on the water’s surface or effortlessly glide through the water. The adjustable waist and crotch straps allow one size vest to fit most. The D-ring attachment is perfect to hold your Lanyard or Fish ID Card. The pocket is designed to fit a Fish ID Card and minimize drag in the water. Care should be taken NEVER TO PLACE ANY SHARP OBJECTS IN THE POCKET. A mesh bag is included.