About Florida Atlantic International Corp

Founded by a Team of experienced water sports veterans, FAIC takes pride in bringing an unequaled value to performance ratio to water sports enthusiasts regardless of their level of expertise. Designed to fit and function beyond the users expectations while delivering memories meant to last a lifetime. FAIC produces; “Exceptional Gear for the Water Enthusiast”™

The FAIC Team draws its experience from a vast and wildly varied group of individuals. Our group counts amongst its members free diving champions, international scuba educators, eco guides that have kayaked back water mangroves to exploring the beaches and reefs of many a worldwide island, surfers, kite boarders and ski divers. All of these adventurers at heart, that have immersed themselves not only in faraway waters but also the cultures that surround them. It is this experience from “in water use” that allows us to create ever better and improving products.

With our love for the oceans also comes a sense of responsibility. That is why we are proud to support, through our efforts, groups like the National Geographic Society. We proudly developed the National Geographic Snorkeler and Swim product line in 2007, which was offered through March 2023. Through the ECO brand we support organizations that we feel are equally important to our earth’s future, and if you do not agree with our choices we ask you to make your own charitable selection when you purchase ECO Swimmer, Snorkeler or Diver gear.

Equally as important is the knowledge to safely participate in your chosen recreation and we have added to that experience with the on line SnorkeleingCourse.com . And as far as we are concerned no explorers’ bag is properly packed without the knowledge to help their fellow man.

Come back and visit often and see how, thanks to you, we continue to grow and develop!

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