Florida Atlantic International Corp. Announces Joint Venture Deal with ClaroVia Technologies enhances Technology and Intellectual Property Development


ClaroVia Technologies (CVT, an affiliate of Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC) and Florida ClaroVia_LogoAtlantic International Corp. (FAIC) recently announced the formation of a joint venture that will create a new technology development platform for watersports equipment and sports gear. The objective of the alliance is to expand on the growing market for high-tech scuba diving, snorkeling and swim products, and explore new innovations in equipment across a broad range of activities for tech-conscious consumers.

“The two companies are a great fit for collaboration”, said Bob Barjesteh, Managing Director of Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances for ClaroVia. “We bring to the table a proven engineering and technology development vehicle for intellectual property management and patent prosecution. Combine that with the water-sports marketing, distribution, and product development expertise of FAIC and you have a collective team that ultimately will give sports enthusiasts access to cutting edge equipment that is safer, more functional, and more reliable.”

Nestor Palmero, of FAIC, stated, “We’re excited to work with the ClaroVia team. Their patent expertise will be a valuable business tool for our overall growth strategy, allowing us to continue to develop new concepts and protect our intellectual property, ultimately benefiting, the industry, equipment manufacturers and consumers alike.”

“We’ve spent the previous decade refining our intellectual property abilities, and we know what to look for in IP partners,” said Joe Preston, Chief Technology Officer at ClaroVia. Preston continues: “The FAIC Team brings a clear understanding of water sports and marine industries, and knows what consumers want when it comes to new innovative sports equipment. We look forward to partnering with them to make advances not only in dive, snorkel and swim gear, but general sporting goods equipment as well. We’re all seasoned scuba divers here, so it was a good fit with a mutual interest in improving water sports equipment for the marketplace.”

Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming enthusiasts may know Florida Atlantic International Corporation for their development of the National GeographicTM Snorkeler and Swim line, which was specifically designed by FAIC to meet all the needs for the adventurer of water based expeditions. Opportunities abound for quality Retailers interested in joining the ranks of premier outlets representing the Nat Geo line. More info at http://www.natgeosnorkeler.com/

ClaroVia Technologies (CVT) is the intellectual property and engineering services arm of Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC (“EHH”), a leader in developing new technologies for the automotive industry and other technology fields. EHH focuses on the earliest stages of development, building from scratch and taking ideas through the “beta” stage to prove commercial viability. EHH focuses on a variety of technology markets such as industrial metals recovery/recycling and automated vehicle situation awareness. Collectively, EHH engineers are named inventors on more than 200 issued patents, which include technologies that have been installed in tens of millions of vehicles. EHH subsidiaries include MediusTech, LLC and Elixsys, LLC. More info at http://www.ehhllc.com

Snorkeling Program Debuted at DEMA
By Best Publishing Company and Florida Atlantic International Corp


Best Publishing Company and Florida Atlantic International Corp-(FAIC) have teamed up to bring you the most comprehensive snorkeling and skin diving program on the market. The full package consists of a textbook and online course. Customers can purchase each component a la carte or as a complete package. The program will debut at the DEMA Show this year.d0927cover-190x300

Why snorkeling? As a dive industry professional you know that snorkeling is a “gateway” of sorts to the underwater world for customers not ready to take the plunge into scuba diving.

The Simple Guide to Snorkeling Fun, Second Edition, paired with the online course www.SnorkelingCourse.com, debuting Spring of 2014, are the perfect tools for customers who want to experience the thrill and excitement of the marine world, but aren’t ready for scuba diving.

Gaining necessary skills and confidence in the water, snorkelers will become your next wave of SCUBA students. This book and online course will help with the recruitment of new underwater enthusiasts via your SCUBA diving customer base. The book chapters cover all subjects of snorkeling and skin diving, including equipment assembly and care, techniques for skin and scuba diving, proper breathing through the snorkel, buoyancy, equalizing air spaces, and proper fin kicks. Sections on safety and emergency procedures, snorkeling with children, and where to go snorkeling are also included. Upon completion of the online course and the online knowledge assessment, participants will be provided a certificate of completion of the academics and are strongly encouraged to continue in water training with their local Dive Center or Resort.

Best Publishing Company has a long history as a publisher of books on scuba diving and the marine world and has grown to become one of the most respected publishers of educational books on diving and dive medicine. Flagship publications include titles such as the NOAA Diving Manual and Mastering Rebreathers.

Florida Atlantic International Corp (FAIC) is best known for the National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM brand as well as others. To learn more, visit the National Geographic Snorkeler booth #420 at DEMA Show November 6-9, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Nat Geo invites you to attend an informative presentation that will also address how to put this innovative program to work. Don’t miss the one and only Nat Geo Snorkeler & SWIM presentation:

“Put National Geographic Snorkeler & Swim to Work for You!”

National Geographic Snorkeler & SWIM recognizes that your time at the show is very valuable. Make the most of it by making an appointment today and reserving a seat for the presentation by e-mailing info@NationalGeographicSnorkeler.com or call 772.781.1721

John Peters, President of Best Publishing Company will be on-site in the National Geographic Snorkeler Booth to answer your questions about the book. Dealer pricing is available. 180 pages, full color, ISBN 9781930536746. Print Book (softcover) $34.95 retail, eBook $25.99 retail.

For More Information About the Online Snorkeling Course:
Contact: Info@SnorkelingCourse.com
Or visit: www.SnorkelingCourse.com